Why Online Casinos are more innovative in Promotional Strategies

There are certain limitations to online casinos. First of all, they have to compete with land based casinos. When you go to a land based casino, the excitement is almost palpable in the air. Loud music, beautiful people, delicious food, a beautifully decorated place and of course the feeling that nothing compares to sitting in front of a slot machine or placing your bets in a table surrounded by an energized crowd pushing you to make that big bet. When you are playing in an online casino, you are the only person in front of the PC, you do not have the crowd to egg you on and of course, you make your own meals. Secondly, land based casinos are located in glamorous places where you get to enjoy a lot of other diverse activities that gambling. You can watch shows, see exotic places, eat at world famous restaurants and even meet a lot of new people.

But did you know that this is where the limitations stop? Online Casino websites can give you bigger bonuses as well as winnings when compared to land based casinos like those in the Las Vegas Strip or in other countries such as Macau China and a lot of European countries. Because of the vast difference in operational expenses, land based casinos are limited when it comes to doling out more bonuses to their patrons. Land based casinos have to spend money to maintain the luxury and elegance of their structure. They have to pay their employees from the dealers down to the maintenance staff as well as the bills that a casino can rack up such as those for water utility, electricity and others. Online casinos on the other hand need only a website, programs for the games and persons that will manage it for the players. This means they can give out bonuses such as the matching bonus and the no deposit casino bonus.

The no deposit casino bonus is a new promotional thrust nowadays. the casino deposits money into your account upon registering in the form of a simple cash bonus or a free play bonus. The simple cash bonus usually amounts to $100.00. You can use this amount to wager on a game and you need to wager it a good bit first before you can claim your winnings. Make sure to read up on the fine print to better understand it. In the free play bonus, you are required to use the bonus amount that usually can go up to about $1,000.00 within an allotted time such as one hour or a day after registering. There are also safeguards to this type of bonus so you need to understand the fine print first. In matching bonus, the casino matches up the amount the player deposits into his account. In the no deposit casino bonus, the casino credits a certain amount in the player’s account for him to use at the games. Plus, winnings are also bigger when compared to land based casinos. So the next time you feel like gambling, choose the one that lets you play even in the comforts of your own home.

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